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Dress Code


At Wootton Park School, we are very proud of our learners and we believe they are important role models for our younger learners in conduct, dress and academic achievement.  Sixth Formers should be dressed smartly setting the right standards for the rest of the school.

Dress Code for Sixth Form Ladies:

A plain jacket/blazer, suit material:

To be worn with a suitable skirt, dress or trousers.


  • No more than 10 cm above the knee
  • No maxi skirts to be worn
  • Skirts should not be too tight e.g. bodycon


  • Full length, reaching the ankle, not shorts or culottes
  • Trousers should not be too tight and not made of jeans material
  • Trousers should be plain coloured (not floral or patterned)
  • Leggings are not permitted


  • No more than 10 cm above the knee
  • Dresses should not be too tight e.g. bodycon
  • Dresses should not be revealing or see-through


  • Should not be revealing or see-through
  • Should cover the stomach
  • T-shirts are not permitted.

Jumpers / Cardigans

  • Should be plain in colour
  • May be round or V-neck
  • Should fit under the jacket


  • High heels are permitted but not stilettos
  • Shoes can be any colour but not floral or metallic
  • Wedges are not allowed
  • Smart ankle boots are allowed, but not Doc Marten style boots
  • Knee-high boots are not allowed


  • Scarves are allowed, but no hats
  • Plain tights
  • No facial piercings except earrings
  • One small nose-stud (not nose rings)

Dress Code for Sixth Form Gentlemen:

  • A smart suit or formal trousers and plain jacket/blazer
  • Shirt and tie, top buttons should be done up
  • Smart leather shoes, no trainers or fashion shoes
  • V-neck jumpers can be worn under suit jackets if required
  • Facial hair is permitted but should be kept neatly trimmed

If in doubt, decide whether you would wear the items you are considering for school for a formal interview and/or ask a member of staff (before you wear any new items!)