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The uniform for our school is of high quality, smart and durable.

Please read the “Sizing Guide” before placing your order.

It is Wootton Park School’s policy that all learners must wear their full uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. 

Our policy on uniform is based on the principles that the school uniform:

  •          Promotes a sense of pride in the school, in line with our ethos, values and beliefs;
  •          Engenders a sense of ‘community’ and ‘belonging’ to the school;
  •          Supports positive behaviour and discipline;
  •          Is practical, comfortable and smart;
  •          Identifies learners with the school and encourages identification with the school;
  •          Prevents learners from coming to school in fashion or ‘designer’ label clothes that could be distracting in class               or create a sense of competition;
  •          Makes learners feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and helps nurture cohesion between different                   groups of learners;
  •          Is regarded as suitable for school and good value for money by most parents;
  •          Promotes the school’s care for the health and safety of its learners.

We expect all parents and learners to comply with this uniform policy, which will be monitored. Any learner who falls short of these requirements will be advised of this fact by their class teacher and given the opportunity to improve. Continued failure to comply will be brought to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team. Repeated failure to comply will be referred to parents and they will be invited to discuss non-compliance.

Uniform Policy

Guide to Measuring

To Order Uniform

Once you have ordered and paid for your items these will now be picked and packed by our supplier and you have the choice of paying for postage to be delivered to your home address or you can have the items delivered to school (at no extra cost).  The deliveries will arrive in school on a regular basis.

School will no longer have items on site apart from School Ties and PE socks.

Primary Uniform Order    

Secondary Uniform Order