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Transition to Year 7

For new applicants to the school, a careful transition programme is put in place involving:

  • Visits to the primary school and talk to teachers about the individual learner’s progress, attainment and any additional educational needs;
  • A transition day in the summer term offers an opportunity for learners to meet their new teachers, experience learning at Wootton Park School and start some new, lifelong friendships with their peers;
  • Baseline testing is completed so that we have a deep understanding of your child’s ability and needs;
  • Meeting with parents/carers to discuss the learner’s needs, talents and interests, and the school’s ethos and expectations;
  • A review of the learner’s SATs results; these are also used in planning ahead;
  • Each new learner is paired with a ‘buddy’ to ensure that all learners become well integrated and feel part of the school community;
  • All Year 7 learners follow a distinctive induction timetable to enable full integration into the school. This includes special sessions on study skills, independent learning, note taking, reviewing articles and books, use of the school’s leading edge ICT facilities, and sessions explaining what they are learning in all subjects over the following year. It concludes with individual one-to-one sessions to allow any remaining issues to be identified and resolved.

Secondary Years

At Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) we offer a progressive curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science and a continuing strong focus on the development of core skills in literacy, numeracy, humanities, PE and ICT.

At Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16), learners follow a core curriculum centred on GCSE Maths, English, Science, a modern foreign language and humanities with an additional element of choice to enable them to focus and specialise for GCSE or vocational qualifications. Where appropriate, some learners follow fast track entry programmes enabling them to achieve GCSE qualifications and progress to higher level programmes.

Opportunities are made available through enrichment activities for learners wishing to undertake further study, with guidance from the teaching staff.

All through curriculum

Our curriculum has a clear purpose and is focused around excitement and love for learning. We have developed a curriculum that runs from EYFS – Year 13 ensuring progression that is built on solid foundations. We aim to ensure that learning is bespoke to the needs of our learners and demonstrates a strong understanding about specific needs to succeed in life.

Learning Journeys: EYFS- Year 13