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“The school’s sense of community is distinctive and many staff and pupils describe it as being one of ‘family’ and ‘togetherness’”. 

Ofsted report 2019

Wootton Park School is a place that invests all its passion in what is good, recognising that what our young people achieve and experience at our school will have a profound effect and impact upon their lives.

We recognise that all children are unique; we develop their talents using innovative approaches using academy freedoms to meet the diverse needs of our learning community, set within an extended school day.

Our school is the school of choice for parents and carers who are proud to be ambitious for their children, value academic success, and who want them to achieve to the fullest of their ability within a supportive and caring environment.

Wootton Park School is based on three distinctive principles:

1. Attainment for all

2.Community Participation

3. Stronger society

Key Principles


1 Attainment for all

We are committed to providing excellence in education based on a recognised high quality curriculum whilst encouraging the unique potential of each learner. Given the size of the school (two forms of entry at primary phase and four forms of entry at secondary phase), learners are well known and receive appropriate and bespoke support so that they have the best possible platform for high achievement.

Wotton Park School:

  • Establishes early intervention strategies and programmes promptly, as and when required;
  • Offers a rigorous curriculum with a range of different opportunities to meet the needs of individual learners as they progress through the school;
  • Inspires our learners to respect cultural diversity and the environment;
  • Invests in a holistic educational experience that empowers our learners to become global citizens and lifelong learners;
  • Develops an academic specialism in applied crime science, which will enrich learning across the curriculum for all learners.


2 Community Participation

Wootton Park School lays a strong and enduring foundation in every child’s life. Taking part in community activities both with the school and beyond engages learners as citizens and empowers them to recognise both the values of public service and their own potential for doing good. Learners will graduate from our school as responsible, active citizens, driven in all they do by a strong moral compass.

3 Stronger Society

We are committed to creating a school recognised as central to the community, which works with whole families rather than just young people. Over time, the school will open a family centre, which is open before and after the school day and incorporates an adult education facility, providing parents with the skills to participate fully in the community and support the learning and development of their children. We expect to establish crèche facilities, which will encourage parents to use the centre.

Through the promotion of citizenship and community action, we work in partnership to create a stronger society for all.

"Can’t recommend Wootton Park highly enough. The staff are wonderful and the Principal is very professional. They all make us feel like we are important and welcomed anytime. Thank you to all."

A parent of a Year 7 learner

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