Trustees & Governors

Wootton Park School was opened by the Northampton Free School Trust in September 2016.

About Northampton Free School Trust

The Members of Northampton Free School Trust are the subscribers to the Trust’s memorandum of association, and any other individuals permitted to become members under its articles of association. The role of Members is to maintain an overview of the governance arrangements of the Trust.

Members' responsibilities are to hold an Annual General Meeting and appoint Directors to a vacant position.

Directors appointed by Members can also be removed by a unanimous vote of Members.

Members can amend the articles and may do so to support stronger governance arrangements.

While Members can also be Governors, retaining some distinction between the two layers ensures that Members, independent of Governors, provide oversight and challenge. 

About the Governing Body

The Governing Body has responsibility for the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Admissions
  • Well-being and safeguarding
  • Curriculum
  • Employment
  • Premises
  • Finance and regulations
  • Stakeholder engagement

The Governing Body is responsible for oversight and monitoring of the delivery of the agreed Development Plan as determined by the Trust.

The Governing Body oversees and monitors the work of the senior leadership team as a critical friend, holding them to account in accordance with the school's Development Plan.

The Governing Body provides support and challenge to the Principal, holding him to account for his work.

The Governing Body retains oversight over all aspects of the school’s operation.

The Governing Body is constituted with the requisite skills and expertise to perform its role effectively.

The Governing Body is involved directly in some elements of school life, such as the recruitment of key members of staff.

Trustee interaction with learners takes place through a planned cycle of visits to the school which provides opportunities for Governors to talk with staff in their 'linked areas' and to meet with a focus group of learners.

The Governing Body may delegate powers as appropriate in accordance with the approved Scheme of Delegation to an individual governor, committee, or to the Principal. Although duties and decision making can be delegated, responsibility for running the school remains with the Governing Body.

Governing Body Committees

A balanced approach to membership of committees and to the use of co-opted committee members ensures that no governor becomes over burdened by their commitments.

Committees are responsible for oversight of functions set out in their Terms of Reference, at a level of detail which is not typically necessary for consideration by the Full Governing Body. In accordance with the schools scheme of delegation, or when otherwise agreed to be appropriate, issues are escalated to the Full Governing Body for further consideration or a decision.

Committees work closely with school staff to understand the successes, challenges and on-going issues in their areas of responsibility, and to recommend courses of action where necessary

Public Information

Contact details

  • Diane White, Chair of Northampton Free School Trust
  • Andre Gonzalez de Savage, Chair of the Governing Body
  • Lawrence Stanley, Governor of the Finance & Resource Committee
  • Laura Knight, Safeguarding Governor
  • Lizzie Chown, SEN Governor
  • John Davis, Premises Governor

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