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Learner Leadership

Wootton Park School is committed to providing all learners with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, in order to equip them with the skills necessary to take on leadership roles both now and in the future.  

We are proud to be ambitious for our learners and boast a holistic educational experience that empowers our learners to become responsible, active citizens, lifelong learners and well-rounded individuals.

What is leadership?

A leader is often thought to be the person or people in charge of a group that make all the important decisions, but if you look deeper into the meaning you can see people at all levels demonstrating key leadership behaviours.

It is vital to support everyone to recognise their leadership talents, and encourage them to experience more. This can be done through formal leadership roles or through more informal opportunities to explore leadership. It is important to create a culture whereby everyone feels they can contribute and put their opinions across.


Wootton Park School is committed to provide the following:

  • Strong positive role models to inspire learners. Learners that are inspired and excited are likely to be more motivated and want to work hard to achieve a goal.
  • Model a positive leadership culture through the staff and leadership team.
  •  Formal and informal opportunities to experience and develop leadership.
  • Opportunities that encourage teamwork and teach learners to work collaboratively with others.
  •  Challenge learners to solve problems creatively and give them the skills needed to break tasks down into manageable chunks so they feel confident to take on touch challenges.
  • The chance to take on responsibility and experience the consequences of making a decision. Having the feeling that you have the power to make a difference can be empowering and promote self-motivation. Motivated learners are likely to have increased drive to work hard to achieve a goal and will be more determined and resilient to cope with setbacks.
  • Teach learners to see things from another’s point of view, communicate effectively and put their viewpoint across. Good communication is a key component of being an effective leader. Listening to others and responding in a calm and respectful way is an essential life skill.
  • Encourage learners to pursue things that interest them. Being passionate about something can make someone feel comfortable enough to feel able to take on a leadership role.
  • Provide an environment where learners feel able to speak up, with the knowledge that their opinions will be heard and valued. School staff as a whole must partner with learners by listening to them and taking account of their thoughts. Promote a positive ‘moan-free’ culture that encourages everyone to not only raise issues, but also encourages them to be involved in coming up with suggestions for actions and possible solutions.

Formal Leadership Groups

At Wootton Park School, there are countless opportunities for learners to practice and develop their leadership skills on a day-to-day basis. Some examples of these informal leadership opportunities are shown below.

Informal Leadership Opportunities

Learner Leadership Awards Evening

At the end of each academic year, we hold a Leadership Awards evening as a celebration of leadership across the school. There are a variety of awards presented to learners from a variety of subject areas.

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