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Frequently asked questions:

How do I order uniform?
Parents can order items through our website.
Do I need to order a WPS school bag?
Although the WPS school bags are not mandatory they are our preferred option.  If a learner decides they would like to bring their own bag/rucksack it must be of a suitable type and adequate size to carry all of their books, equipment etc. Fashion bags are not acceptable.
PE bags: Wootton Park School PE bags will be available to purchase from the school from September.

What uniform does my child need for PE in year 7?

PE Kit – Curriculum

What PE footwear does my child need?
Football boots with safety studs: Football will be taught to both boys and girls in Year 7 during the autumn term. Any colour of boot is acceptable.
PE Trainers: Any colour is acceptable. Non- marking sole for indoor use please.
Are learners allowed to remove blazers in warm weather?
Class teachers will advise learners when they are free to remove their blazers. Learners are expected to bring their blazers to school everyday.
What stationery items are needed?
Year 7 learners are expected to bring with them: 2 x blue or black pen, 2 x pencils, coloured pencils, scientific calculator, geometry set, 30 cm ruler.
Will learners have planners?
Learners will be provided with planners in which they will record their homework, communication between the School and parents etc.
Is lunch available and does it need to be pre-ordered?
Lunch is provided via our in-house catering team. We offer a selection of hot and cold snacks. For our primary learners, in line with DfE regulations, a hot meal will be provided each day. Learners are welcome to bring their own healthy packed lunch should they chose.

How do we pay for school food?
Wootton Park School will be using the ParentPay online system via our website. Parents are able to ‘top-up’ online and learners spend the money via our fingerprint registration system.