New look website coming soon!
New look website coming soon!
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Arbor Portal

We are pleased to advise that your Parent Portal facility is now activated and you can access information about your child linked to Wootton Park School. You will have received log in details from our provider, Arbor, so please look out for this e-mail in your inbox.

Arbor Login

Once you have logged in using your unique username and password you will see a summary page. At the bottom of this page, on the left hand side, you will see a green box that says ‘view profile’. Once you have clicked on this, you will be able to access the following:


Function Description
Overview Amend your child’s personal details, including contact details and medical information.
Calendar View your child’s daily lessons, including any after school enrichment clubs.
Attendance Summary of your child’s attendance report that also identifies the numbers of lates. There is also a more detailed view where you can monitor attendance by date.
Activities We have chosen to show enrichment clubs under the calendar option.
Behaviour This shows the number of House Points your child has been awarded. This is updated regularly by your child’s form/class teacher.
Curriculum Tracking


Traffic light system that highlights your child’s progress for each subject.

EYFS learners will continue to have access to Tapestry.

Report Cards In the future this function will be used to view your child’s school report. This will be launched net academic year.


If you require any assistance with Arbor, please do contact the school office.